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The legal requirements established by current regulations in relation to accounting procedures, together with the progressive and logical difficulty that this task represents in parallel with the growth of the company, make many entrepreneurs find it useful to seek external advice of confidence that provides them peace of mind and allow them to focus their efforts on the design of their business strategy and policy.

– Complete accounting management of the company.

– Accounting analysis.

– Financial analysis.

– Analysis of productivity costs.

– Analytical cost accounting.

Experience has allowed us to develop a legal practice with a global vision of service and knowledge of the client’s business, offering highly qualified and specialized advice.

Below we detail all the services that we make available to our clients, in the field of labor advice

– High and low workers.

– Hiring of personnel, hiring of senior management and special clauses.

– Management and preparation of payroll.

– Dismissal of workers.

– Coordination with external companies of PRL.

– Assistance in inspections and administrative claims in the workplace and Social Security.

– Administrative procedures derived from acts of infringement or liquidation of Social Security contributions.

– Opening of work centers, contribution account codes, both inside and outside the Community of Madrid, as well as the processing of Visiting Books.

– Assistance in the negotiation of collective agreements. Analysis, drafting, design and implementation of collective agreements, remuneration policies and working conditions.

– Labor conflicts, strikes, collective conflicts, etc …

– As well as any detailed work performance within the legal-labor services.

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