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The advice provided by iurEko in relation to this field of law is broad, covering both the analysis and corporate restructuring work aimed at obtaining the maximum performance of the company’s taxation, as well as the preparation of all types of reports and documents.

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The advice provided by the department is aimed at the correct decision making of our clients regarding their direct, indirect taxation, both state, autonomous and local, which allows them to optimize their investment options or specific tax structures, or adapt them to the regulatory changes or new needs of the entity. In general, the advice provided is continuous or specific consultative content, is carried out prior to the implementation of tax changes and concludes with the corresponding reports and reports and, where appropriate, with the submission and processing of tax inquiries before the General Directorate of Taxes.

The firm iurEko, has a large number of clients who have contracted the monitoring, management, preparation and submission of mandatory tax returns in each fiscal year.

The Procedures and Litigation area is one of the fundamental areas of the tax area. It includes advice and collaboration regarding the verification, management and inspection procedures carried out by the Tax Administration, as well as the preparation of resources in subsequent administrative or contentious-administrative instances. The legal direction also reaches the filing of appeals before the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court.

Together with the Corporate Department of the Firm, the department advises our clients, both national and foreign, in the commercial and real estate operations in order to combine the highest efficiency from the point of view of the direct taxation of the partners and the companies involved in the operation, indirect taxation, regional and municipal taxation. The advice provided extends to the design, preparation and execution of the operations, as well as in the due diligence procedures prior to said operations.

The Large Wealth area requires the analysis of a planning that, although based on current taxation, requires a more global and future analysis for the forecast of taxation derived from possible restructuring in companies or other investment formulas of the client, share changes, successions or transfers within family businesses. Likewise, it is an area in which the follow-up of the latest doctrinal and jurisprudential pronouncements is essential for an immediate assessment of possible risks and contingencies. The analysis and implementation of financial structures, adapted to each assumption, is also integrated in this area.

The area of ​​International Taxation includes the elaboration of fiscally more efficient corporate structures for non-resident clients that invest in the national territory or for national clients that decide to internationalize their activity.

The correct application of international agreements to avoid double taxation, as well as attention to the specific requirements that the Tax Administration analyzes in this type of operations through its specialized agencies, are the key to the success of this area. As inherent services to this area we can detail the following.

– Incorporation of companies and advice on the acquisition of companies.
– Advice to expatriates and impatriates.
– Tax planning of the remuneration of employees and managers
– Strategies for the repatriation of capital.
– Tax planning of the divestment.
– Measures to avoid international double taxation.
– Tax analysis of transfer prices in international operations.
– Transfer pricing policy design.

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