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Due to the needs detected as a result of the business crisis suffered during recent years, UrEko has been forced, either by needs of its customers or by their demands, to displace part of their staff to cover accounting services. Due to this, it was decided to create the Outsourcing or external business management department.

Today more than ever in a world that is increasingly competitive, there is a conviction of the need to outsource certain services carried out in the past by personnel of the company itself, with the aim of focusing its efforts on the strategic activities of its business.

The Outsourcing of Administrative-Accounting Processes consists of the use of a specialized external firm to provide services in areas that are not part of the organization’s key processes. The transfer of the management or execution of certain functions, allows organizations to focus on the fundamental aspects of their business.

That is why our firm, through this outsourcing service, makes available to its customers our team of professionals who provide management solutions so that the entrepreneur can focus their efforts on generating business.

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A firm professional will travel to the company’s facilities to provide on-site support services to the accounting technicians of the company, to explain elements of the accounting management program implemented in the business, or to mechanize directly and in person the accounting movements.

In-person counseling and support to the company will be provided, solving and verifying the taxes that must be presented in it.

The assistance of iurEko personnel in the company, in this area will be directed, to resolve in person and manage registrations and withdrawals as well as payrolls of workers directly from the facilities of the client company. As services of this segment, we can include those of assistance to the management of the company in case of dismissals, and negotiations with workers of any kind.

For its part, iurEko, makes available to the company qualified personnel for internal administrative activities.

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