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The experience has allowed us to develop a global vision of service and knowledge of the client’s business by offering highly qualified and specialized advice. Our team is formed by professionals with extensive training in the different branches of law that allows comprehensive advice, so that our clients see all their legal needs covered; from legal advice to legal assistance to judicial or arbitration processes.


Commercial Law:

– Commercial and corporate.
– Unfair competition.
– Industrial and intellectual property.
– Foreclosures.
– Executions of non-judicial titles.
– Foreign exchange lawsuits.
– Nullity of contractual clauses.

Labor Law:

– Continuous employment counseling.
– Strategic planning of labor relations.
– High direction.
– Collective agreements; collective bargaining actions.
– Transmissions of company, work centers or autonomous productive units.

Economic Criminal Law:

– Criminal procedures for economic crimes.
– Corporate crimes.
– Corporate Compliance.
– Corporate internal investigation procedures.

Administrative law:

– Assistance to administrations and public companies.
– Sanctioning proceedings.
– Public contracting / tenders.
– Expropriation files.
– Subsidies.

Civil and Banking Law:

– Hiring
– Real estate.
– Civil liability; injuries / damages
– Banking Law.

Procedural law:

– Litigation, civil-mercantile, administrative litigation, and labor.


– Advice and management.
– Procedures and tax litigation.
– Area of ​​operations.
– Great Patrimonies.
– International Taxation


– Accounting Management and Financial Consulting.
– Labor management, and technical assistance.


– Business Restructuring.
– Due diligence.
– Fusions and acquisitions.
– Corporate governance.
– Corporate Compliance.
– Audit and review of the financial statements.

– Accountant.
– Prosecutor.
– Labor
– Administration.

– Refinancing agreements.
– Extrajudicial credit agreements.
– Creditors’ contest.


Our clients sectors


  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Aeronautical
  • Risk Capital
  • Building
  • Family business
  • Orthopedics


  • Industry and food
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Real Estate
  • Internet and New Technologies
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Prevention of Money Laundering


  • Retail and Consumption
  • Business Public Sector
  • Public administrations; EELL
  • Regulated Sectors
  • Insurance
  • Transport and logistics