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Our experience to date allows us to develop a legal practice with a global vision of service and knowledge of the client’s business, offering highly qualified and specialized advice. Our team of lawyers is formed by professionals with extensive training in the different branches of law that allows comprehensive advice, so that our clients see all their legal needs covered; from legal advice to legal assistance to judicial or arbitration processes.

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The deep knowledge of the legislation and the practice in the commercial field, as well as the specialization of our team, allow us to provide a comprehensive advice in all areas of commercial practice:

Company law. Advice to all types of mercantile and civil companies, from its incorporation until its dissolution with liquidation. Assistance to general meetings, boards of directors and bondholders’ meetings. Drafting and negotiation of corporate documents, contracts, statutes, regulations, powers of attorney.

Advice to all types of Cooperatives. Constitution, assumption of the functions of secretary and assistance to the Board and other bodies; advice on agreements and other forms of collaboration of third parties with these entities. Advice on relations with the Protectorate and Registry of Foundations.

Acquisitions, mergers and associations. Purchase-sale of companies, companies or assets, takes of participation in listed or private companies. Mergers, splits, corporate transformations. Agreements between shareholders and jointventure, strategic alliances, business groups. Conducting legal audits or due diligence.

Contentious law. Exercise of mercantile actions. Challenging social agreements, defending the rights of shareholders, exercising liability actions. Study of mercantile operations in order to evaluate, prevent and warn of possible criminal risks. Analysis of business crisis situations. Legal advice in pre-bankruptcy phase, financial and labor restructuring. Legal advice in bankruptcy proceedings assuming the defendant’s defense during the entire file. Legal advice to insolvency creditors in all phases of the insolvency proceedings. Legal advice in all types of bankruptcy incidents within the contest (rescission actions …). Legal advice in the qualification section of the contest.

Unfair competition Our team of professionals, has experience in this type of procedures, related to any type of unfair commercial practice – deceptive practices, acts of confusion, exploitation of another’s reputation, sale at a loss – and illicit advertising activities.

The solid knowledge in the matter of our team of specialists is complemented by the proven experience of our Litigation Department, with which it maintains a close and symbiotic relationship that guarantees comprehensive and coherent advice to our clients. This area is closely related to the criminal procedure area when the illegal transfer of confidential data can lead to this type of unfair practices.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Law; rights of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

-Patients and Brands.

The lawyers specialized in the Marking Law offer an integral service in the management and protection of the portfolios of their clients brands and a high added value assistance in the elaboration of all types of license agreements or cession of distinctive signs.

For its part, the Patent Law team is specialized in the development of technology transfer agreements and know-how, licensing of patents and industrial designs, collaboration agreements for the development of research projects and documents of an equivalent nature.


The Intellectual Property team offers our clients specialized advice on the protection of artistic, literary and scientific creations. This group of lawyers has extensive experience in all fields related to copyright, both elaborating contracts of assignment of rights and in negotiation procedures before management entities.

Our clients are small and large national and international companies and we specialize in the handling of especially complex litigation, which requires monographic attention, careful strategic analysis and proper approach to the controversy. Our multidisciplinary team and expert in the most diverse substantive matters allows us to provide comprehensive, comprehensive and effective advice, oriented to understand the concerns and meet the needs of the client, focusing adequately on the procedural issues that arise.

Our team of lawyers specialized in Labor Law and Social Security advises national and foreign clients in all kinds of matters related to the field of labor relations

Continuous work advice. Advice on all issues and legal-labor aspects and Social Security that arise in the development of the normal activity of the company.

Strategic planning of labor relations. Labor hiring, paid systems and other measures.

High direction. Design, negotiation and drafting of senior management contracts adjusted to the peculiarities of each case.

Collective agreements and company agreements. Negotiation, design and permanent advice. Strategic assistance to collective bargaining.

Transmissions of company, work centers or autonomous productive units. Analysis and advice of its implications and labor effects. Labor litigation Representation and legal defense of individual or collective nature before any judicial instance during the entire procedure

The department provides advice in all areas of Economic Criminal Law with special emphasis on the following:

Criminal proceedings for economic crimes.

The Criminal Economic Law team intervenes in criminal proceedings, before the Courts or the Prosecutor’s Office, in defense of the interests of its clients, accused or victims of all types of economic crimes. The team is particularly specialized in complex criminal investigations with transnational components for corporate crime, tax fraud, fraud or money laundering that involve the criminal liability of commercial companies or other legal persons.

Corporate Compliance:

The Economic Criminal Law area advises companies of all sizes in the creation and improvement of their internal procedures for the prevention and early detection of irregularities with possible criminal repercussions in areas such as the prevention of money laundering, public or private corruption, or of sexual or labor harassment, among others. In this area, the team also advises foreign companies that need to adapt their internal procedures to Spanish regulations in order to carry out their activity in Spain, with or without a permanent establishment.

Internal corporate investigation procedures.

As a complement to the above, the team provides advice to companies in their internal processes for the investigation of possible irregular behavior of their employees or managers in matters such as sexual or labor harassment, crimes against the market and the use of privileged information, the protection of privacy and personal data, public or private corruption or infringements against your assets or business assets.

The Administrative Law area focuses on legal advice to public entities and private companies in their relations with the Administration, specifically in administrative procedures, as well as the following:

– Law of public procurement.

– Defense in disciplinary proceedings of all kinds.

– Patrimony of the Public Administrations.

– Defense in Expropriation Files

– Subsidies Files.

– Administrative resources of all kinds; claims of patrimonial responsibility in health, environmental, urban, etc …

– Administrative Organization and public companies.

– Preventive advice on infractions and crimes against public health, personal data, against consumers and users, health, etc.

Fundamental area in the legal world and of this professional firm. For advice to companies and individuals, this branch of law, is a fundamental pillar, the result of which derives much of the actions and controversial issues that occur today. The formalization of contracts, resolution of the same, the breach of contractual obligations, and the claim for compensation for it, constitute the day to day of the signature.

Our team is composed of professionals who work with banks, providing daily services in all kinds of proceedings, acting both as defendant and plaintiff.

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