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The consultancy, conducted by experienced professionals, is a privileged opportunity to identify opportunities to improve profitability and promote the development of companies through better use of their resources.

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We have advised companies whose debt is restructured / refinanced as well as financial institutions and non-financial creditors. Our extensive experience makes us aware of the different interests and conflicts between the parties that are evident in this type of operations. Due to its complexity, advice on restructuring requires the participation of expert lawyers in different areas of law. Our restructuring team is made up of lawyers who are experts in the required matters (commercial, financial, bankruptcy, procedural, tax, real estate, etc.) who act in a coordinated and well-organized manner, always seeking maximum efficiency.

In business operations, industrial premises, or companies, it is essential to carry out a review before buying the business, in order to check the existence or not of contingencies, which may influence the price of the purchase initially agreed between the parts. Our team of economists, tax advisors, and consultants has carried out numerous projects.

Mergers and acquisitions of companies, also known by their acronym in English “M & amp; A” (abbreviations of “Mergers and Acquisitions”) refer to an aspect of the corporate strategy that deals with the combination and acquisition of other companies as well as other assets.

The area has lawyers specialized in planning, structuring, financing and executing mergers and acquisitions processes, in operations in companies, national and international and in all industries and sectors. The mergers and acquisitions area works very closely with the areas of capital markets, financial, tax, competition, labor and procedural law.

We have extensive experience in all matters related to the governance of listed companies, including in particular preparation of board and council regulations and codes of conduct in securities markets, preparation and holding of general shareholders’ meetings, annual government reports corporate and remuneration of the directors, organization, structure and functioning of the board of directors and its delegated committees and advice on the remuneration of directors and executives.

The area of Economic Criminal Law, with support of the other practices of the firm, advises companies of all sizes in the creation and improvement of their internal procedures for the prevention and early detection of irregularities with possible criminal repercussion in areas such as the prevention of money laundering of capital or the prevention of public or private corruption.

– Complete audit of the Individual and / or Consolidated Annual Accounts.
– Limited reviews and reviews of procedures agreed with clients.
– Preparation of reports of subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies in Spain.

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